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This blog is for the Kirby Records family and friends to keep up with whats gong on back at the cabin. I will try to keep it going with interesting stories of our life as they occur and any new information on the Records/Isaac geneaology. Please feel free to contribute your own stories.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Dads home!

Mom and dad got home today, I helped them unload and get dad into the house. Cherrie rounded up a walker for him so he has that untill he gets his balance and such. He starts physical therapy next week in Baker.
Cherrie and I finished up the tasks around the outside of our house. We got the two dors in the porch and some insulation arround the cracks. I think this time we are ready for the snow that is predicted for tomorrow.

My new Truck
Originally uploaded by krecords.

Here is a picture of my truck. This is the picture they used to advertise it and was taken in Bend.
I sure do like it! even if it is purple!


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