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This blog is for the Kirby Records family and friends to keep up with whats gong on back at the cabin. I will try to keep it going with interesting stories of our life as they occur and any new information on the Records/Isaac geneaology. Please feel free to contribute your own stories.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Dads Knee, again

Dad is out of the hospital and is spending the night a Dougs & Terra's house. Mom will bring him on home tomorrow. He is happy with his new knee but it is tiring him out. Mom said he was sleeping better this afternoon at Dougs house.

I went to Ontario with my friend Brad for a fur sale. we learned alot about trapping and that is isn't worth the effort unless you are doing it for fun and using the hides for your own purpose. Brad came back with all his furs and is planning on tanning them himself.

Kevin and Cherrie got a big christmas tree today I'm guessing it at about 12-13ft tall. it has sure made the house smell good.


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