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This blog is for the Kirby Records family and friends to keep up with whats gong on back at the cabin. I will try to keep it going with interesting stories of our life as they occur and any new information on the Records/Isaac geneaology. Please feel free to contribute your own stories.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

New years vacation

One thing about my job is we only work 3 days between Christmas and new years. So after covering for Donny out of the CA branch. I am now done for another 3 day weekend. Oh if they could all be 3 day weekends.

It is snowing here and the ground is white again. We are ready for it now. Shelly has to leave in the morning so she will have to deal with it going over the mountain but she should do ok.

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Lakota word for the day: Wastelaka pronounced "wash tay lock A" means to like something.
Wastewalake (I like it) or Wasteulaka pi (we like it) hogatanka wastewalake
( i like big fish!)


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