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This blog is for the Kirby Records family and friends to keep up with whats gong on back at the cabin. I will try to keep it going with interesting stories of our life as they occur and any new information on the Records/Isaac geneaology. Please feel free to contribute your own stories.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

1995 day one

The Lake is 3/4 frozen over this morning. Winter must be here for real. Of course I am coming down with a cold to celebrate. So how did I Celebrate new years eve? well I actually stayed up until midnight.I thought about going outside and fireing three shots in the air but then sombody might mistake it for a distress signal. Oh well, the arrows would have been hard to find in the snow. Instead I was reading a new Taditional Bowhunter magazine I received in the mail which just makes me yearn for next summer.

Lakota word for the day: Chaga meaning Ice and Sni ,meaning cold Chaga ki sni "the ice is cold"


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