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Friday, January 07, 2005


Well got through the week at work and walked out into a blizzard. Kevin and Cherrie are at the ball game. I came home and I am enjoying the warmth of the cabin while watching the snow get deeper.

Lakota words for today: colors...
Sapa "sawpaw" black
san "sawn" white
luta "lou tah" red
zizi "zhee zhee" yellow
to "tow" blue or green
tosan "tow san" light blue
tolahcaka "tow la chocka" very blue
toto "tow tow" green
tozi "tow zee" light green
watoya "wa tow yaw" grass like green
san'okpukpe "san ook pook pay" gray
tolute "tow lou tay" purple
tosapa "tow saw paw" dark purple
gi "jee" brown
ogi "oh jee" rust brown
wogi "woe jee" brownness
gleska "glesh kah" spotted

as in wambli gleska, a spotted eagle or ptegleska "spotted buffalo" their terminology for a domestic cow.


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