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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Charles Bodle Isaac

Charles Bodle Isaac
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Here is a picture of Charles Bodle Isaac
My grandpa Buzz's dad. He liked large horses and mules. There is a picture of him with a large workhorse and a mule about the same size.
Charles Bodle married Mary E. Kunzie, The daughter of Helen Kane Kunzie who had found the "Patu" Near Hermiston.They lived on a ranch "outside" of Pendleton ,Or. which is now covered by a shopping center parking lot.

I got an email from my my cousin Mary Dennie today. Mary's mother was a daughter of Charles Bodle Isaac and sister to my Grandfather. Mary has a love of a lot of the same things I do and I told her about this blog . She said she liked the Lakota words so I have a few more for her below!

Lakota words for today:
Ate pronounced "ahhtay" meaning Father
Ina pronounced "eenaa" meaning mother
Tankasila pronounced 'Tahnkah sheelah' meaning grandfather
Unci pronounce "oonchee" meaning grandmother
hankasi pronounced "honk-azhee" meaning a mans female cousin.
sic' esi pronounced "see chay see" meaning a womans male cousin.

I got a call from my daughter tonight who has arrived back in Davis Ca. from New Zeland. I am now a relieved dad knowing all my kids are safe and sound.


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