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This blog is for the Kirby Records family and friends to keep up with whats gong on back at the cabin. I will try to keep it going with interesting stories of our life as they occur and any new information on the Records/Isaac geneaology. Please feel free to contribute your own stories.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Weekend at home.

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How's this for a magazine setting. Snowing outside and nice a warm inside. I have to keep pinching myself to believe I live where others go for vacations!
We are dealing with computer clean ups and such. I did get some of the spy ware cleaned up and one of the problems went away but we can't seem to get rid of the DSO-something . Something keeps trying to redial the internet the moment we purposefully disconnect. I think it is this DSO program that comes up as spyware but won't go away. I think the computer is talking to the internet behind the scenes and that is slowing down our ability to navigate the internet.
Mom said dad has a cold now even though we tried to avaid giving it to them. I hope they don't have it as long as Cherrie has its been dragging on for about 3 weeks with her. I seem to be recovering.
I had to run to La Grande for groceries today. The roads were nasty but I got it over with.
It started snowing pretty heavily again this afternoon so I think I will go downstairs and watch a movie.


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